Album Crowdfunder Launched

We are really pleased to announce a Crowdfunder campaign for our debut album.

The album is pretty much done; we just need a couple of final days in the studio to mix and master it. We’ve put time, money and energy into recording it at a brilliant studio (Greenmount Studios) and we’ve trimmed and tweaked it so it will fit on a 12″ vinyl at the best possibility quality. Now we just need your help to take the final step.

Making and releasing music is tough. As individuals within the band we’ve spent our lives buying music, paying to see music and generally contributing to supporting those emerging and established artists. These days music is seen as worthless as a product and as a medium to convey anything of substance and meaning.

We disagree on both counts. Yet realistically, most musical projects now have to be self-funded. That had been the case with this record but due to an unforeseen and unavoidable financial situation, luxuries such as mastering for vinyl have become unobtainable.

We turn to that vibrant artistic and create community to help us make it across the line and we hope we have offered some interesting incentives to do so.

You can find more details here, and thank you for your support.

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