C.B. (Simon Armitage) / Year Of Hell (ODAS)


I should like to staff (It was the year of hell)
that radar station (In the age of empty)
be the one man (welcome to the future)
in its one-man operation, (of last year’s revenge fantasy)
tend its eighteen (I am a ghost)
nineteenths of an acre (A spectre in this city)
loaf some days in a lounging chair, read Shakespeare (Here in opaque shadows a symptom of this nation’s pity)

In season (We swim in this century)
I might prune a tree (Against a rising tide)
Or plant another (A message from the ministry)
LEAVE LINE EMPTY (It’s your shame that you survive)

lawn ninety degrees (Still no hesitation)
of the north-west corner (in doing what you’re told)
rig up a spotlight – one (I just watch the record turn)
like a sunflower (Feel these bones grow old)

There’s a noise in my head, there’s just white noise in my head x 2
Pointless words, fruitless actions x 2

As well as this (They’ve learnt my price)
I should like to master (They’re calling my number)
the dials and the discs (I’m learning to say thank you)
trip the generator (As they hold my head under)
throw the knife switch (The winners are the worthy)
with my good arm (How else could it be)
so any charge would earth out (An aimless opposition)
through my right side, not my heart (Forever lost at sea)

But more to the point (And they live on)
I’d shin up the mast (In the new law, in the brand)
adjust the receiver align (In the uniform’s awe)
the ears of the saucers and dishes (Power finds power one day or the next)
lend my mind (one day)
Lend my mind (one day)
Lend my mind (one day)
to somebody’s business: (one day or the next)

bread vans (grown slow on an)
breakdowns (Athiest’s faith)
people on the air (belief in people)
from every pocket (truth finds a way)
of the nation’s (it didn’t happen)
surface (never will)
cross-talk from
the probation service.

There’s a noise in my head, there’s just white noise in my head etc