We are currently transforming from One Day, After School into ODAS, the evolved project and home of the composing work of Dean Freeman.

Originally operating as a traditional 3/4 piece Indie band and part of Wakefield’s Philophobia Music label roster, over the last few years the project has developed towards creating more reflective, often instrumental music, focused on creating a sense of place and as a means to share ideas and stories, rather than create commercially viable music.

This has included writing and performing a soundtrack to Poet Laureate Simon Armitage’s The Dead Sea Poems, multiple soundtrack commissions including work for the National Trust and alongside this, the core band has created a follow up to their well received debut album, which will be released in 2020.

“introspective, brooding post-rock which evokes the spirit of early I Like Trains… layered, textured compositions built around a shifting selection of instruments” – Whisperin’ & Hollerin’

“as lyrically and thematically uncompromising it is extremely musical and well put together” – Counterfeit Magazine.

“a band now in full command of their musical craft. There’s a lot to take in here; so much contrast between the cold piano lines and forceful feedback. It’s an album that really reveals its true potential after several listens…” – Real Gone

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