One Day, After School released a series of singles, EPs and albums from 2006 to 2018. They have now evolved into ODAS – more information can be found here.

Thanks to all the people who made One Day, After School happen, especially the many members who played with us over the years, the record labels that released our work, the promoters who allowed us to play and the people who listened.

Our music will remain on streaming sites and on Bandcamp.

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“introspective, brooding post-rock which evokes the spirit of early I Like Trains… layered, textured compositions built around a shifting selection of instruments” – Whisperin’ & Hollerin’

“as lyrically and thematically uncompromising it is extremely musical and well put together” – Counterfeit Magazine.

“a band now in full command of their musical craft. There’s a lot to take in here; so much contrast between the cold piano lines and forceful feedback. It’s an album that really reveals its true potential after several listens…” – Real Gone

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