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One Day, After School… are making an album. I’d love to document that whole process, but the truth is we’ve accidentally already made it. It pretty much exists in lots of ways and alot of it is recorded too. How did that happen?

Our In Skeletal EP was released in January 2016 and really well received, but that was recorded across 2015 so mere days after its release we were already back in the studio with an aim to release another EP later in the year.

However, the first sessions produced 4 songs, 3 of which were instrumental. 2015 had produced a huge catalogue of songs, and more were keeping coming. Maybe we’d have too many? We started thinking vinyl, thanks to Yard Wars and Cactus Knife’s split 10″. The idea of a six track EP on a 10″ vinyl seemed perfect for us. A 5 or 6 song set has always rung true for our own work. Our taste and style changes too much to sustain an album.

But when we looked into the costings, there wasn’t a discernible difference between 10″ and 12″. So although the 10″ was a pretty cool format, there was a feeling that you only live once (etc) and maybe this was the time to make it happen.

We didn’t want to go too long without a release though, so we decided to test the water for where our sound had been developing by releasing the AA single, both instrumental songs. At the same time we entered Greenmount Studios for the first time with making an album in mind, despite having 5 and a half songs in the can. After a brilliant 3 days (1) (2) (3) we had reached 8 songs.

However, until this point, we hadn’t really considered deeply what it meant to put an album together, especially on vinyl. So ahead of our final sessions, we had a lot of thinking to do, about things such as consistency, time restraints, whether we had enough solid gold hits to set the charts alight…

But yes, we are releasing an album in 2017 and you heard it here first (unless we’ve already told you)





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