November Studio Diary Day 1

So here we are – the last day of mixing! Except, it isn’t because we ran out of time.

But on the plus side, it was the day the last of tracks came together in a very special way. It was a pretty surreal experience to receive some vocal tracks from one of my all time heroes, and then drop them into a track alongside my own. And our voices work pretty well together! I’m not going to say who it is now because I’m a dick but that was really cool, and kind of nerve racking too in a strange way.

In addition, we had two other legends add their voices to the album; another hero of mine, Mr Chris Charlton (yeah, Keith Burton!) dropped some ace BVs on There Is Nothing For You Here and The Invisible Anchor and the lovely Loz Campbell dropped into the studio to beautifully fill out For Coca Cola and Hammer And Anvil.

We worked on Becoming Dust as that was the track with elements missing. We reworked other sounds from other parts of the track into different shapes. This song is weird as any part of it sounds right over any other part even though some parts are in what to my mind is a different key, even though I have no idea about keys. We reworked the intro for The Invisible Anchor as it was too day-glo for the album and killed the atmosphere. Again, we recycled noise from the bridge and strangely it formed a nice noise bed.

With all that excitement it’s no wonder we didn’t finish the mixes. But we surely have enough star power to sell this record out within 24 months of its release, right? Tracklisting is probably done too…

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