ODAS #196 – When I Loved Music, When Everything Was New

Type: Song / Date: October 2015

Due to a financial meltdown, my expected holiday to New York in Sept / Oct 2015 had to be postponed so instead I found myself visiting places around the UK where it was possible to stay for free, or next to nothing. We had a couple of days in a place called Slaley Hall, which my parents had for a week a year.

I took my guitar along, as you sometimes do, with the vague idea I might try write something. The utter relaxation that hit us upon arriving did the trick and I pieced together this song of many parts almost completely, although there was some editing once it was presented to Dan, him removing one of the less good riffs (he said it was ‘turd’) and swapping where the breakdown arrives.

The opening two riffs brought to mind the repetitive grind of a Fall song, but with a Mogwai edge, so of course I was happy. The wealth of possibilities around the heavy parts was harder to decide upon. But overall I had a desire to write a song in the style that Mogwai sometimes do (hence the working title of Glasgow, i.e. Glasgow Megasnake), that is largely heavy throughout with little to no build, just new sections piling up. I’d tried before of course to write non-repeating songs and they don’t always work out so well. But I felt that with the parts I had, pure brute force might carry it through. It’s probably fair to say it was a progression from So You’re A Mother Now which had been recorded back in May (but wasn’t released until the following January) but was a way to recreate that heaviness, but in a brisker form.

It’s quite cool it was written on an acoustic, but it was easy to image what the band could do with it once they had it. The slightly more bone-headed approach to pure riffage had a teenage feel to it. Not what you can actually write when you are teenage, but what you might hope you could right. Brutal and direct and fun and a little dumb. So I think the actual title came out of the notebook on that same holiday.

The lead line on the second time round the opening riff, the extra guitar lines and little bit of synth were all written in the studio 6/9 months later, but enough was pieced together in October 2015 to warrant the song complete.

There had been instrumental ODAS songs before, but this was the first ‘proper’ one, i.e. one that wasn’t a break or intro on an EP. In fact it was so proper, it became a single alongside Footprints On The Ceiling.

It was great fun to play live. Alot of the material 2015 onwards was good but more thoughtful to perform. Although this was a decent challenge it was also just really fun; a nice combination of brain and brainless.

For Recording see ODAS #222

For Release see ODAS #236

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