One Day, After School is now ODAS

One Day, After School is now no more. This website will stay in place until the annual payment for it’s upkeep expires.

But do not worry. It has simply evolved into ODAS, which focuses more on bespoke commissions and self created projects. But hopefully there will be live shows too. 2021 will be a very busy year with over 20 tracks to release + films, books and even a videogame.

The previous socials have all transfered to ODAS, so if you followed them, you are already on board. There are new Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and other channels to follow, if you wish. We’d certainly recommend signing up to the new ODAS mailing list here.

Our previously released music will remain on streaming sites and our previous Bandcamp.

Thanks to all who supported our work, including the record labels, promoters and audiences who we had the pleasure of spending time with.

Take Care,

One Day, After School

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