#169 – Higuera

Type: Song / Dec 2014

One of a growing number of small piano sketches (I was still not really competent enough to play anything fast or complex), this found it’s home on the In Skeletal EP. Originally titled Birds for reasons I cannot remember, it was ultimately given the name Higeura in reference to the town / place in Bolivia where Che Geuvara was ultimately captured and murdered in 1967. Around the EPs themes of honesty, integrity and conformable truths he seemed to fit as a person that made real many ideals, yet over time their core power has been diluted or disguised – hidden under layers, which if course is what the In Skeletal EP was trying to deal with.

In particular it was Steven Soderbergh’s film Che Part II that made me want to dedicate this song. Part I is a triumphant story of the Cuban revolution, something added to by my visiting Cuba in 2009. Part II is interesting in that it is effectively Che trying to repeat what happened in Part I, but everything goes wrong. His ideals and the things that made him powerful don’t carry him through this time. But eternal respect for not kicking his feet up in 1959 and pursuing his beliefs.

Watching the film, at its near climax as Che is trapped in a canyon with no chance of escape I tried to consider his mindset. This helped me dictate the pace of the track and the delivery. A first recording was made too quickly (another sign of lack of confidence on the piano) but that vision in my mind helped be find the more at-peace, reflective pace.

Released on the In Skeletal EP, a second version (Higuera 2) was recorded at a later date.

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