#244 Emma Pollock

Type: Member

It should probably go without saying that I’m a big fan of The Delgados. And maybe an even bigger fan of Chemikal Underground. It should be obvious; we rip off all their bands. But we do it with love, not just for the massive payday.

I’m lucky to have been able to book a fair few of those bands for Long Division and Emma has appeared three times over the years and it’s been great to hangout together. That she has now appeared on a One Day, After School track is pretty crazy. As described in the recording of our track Arc (ODAS#243) it was written with a second vocalist in mind and since I was trying to fulfil the idea that maybe I was a Chemikal Underground band 20 years ago, I sought a Scottish voice. Unbelievably, Emma – my top choice – took up the challenge and may now add ‘Member of ODAS’ to her CV. I’m sure it’ll be up near the top.


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