#323 – Long Division 2019

Type: Gig

Date: 1.6.19

Setlist: Dead Scene Poems / A Theory Of Everything / Stories From The Blackhole / One Road Out / Are You Awake? / Wendell Gee (REM)

Members: Dean, Dan, Andy, Harry, Jamie, Emily.

Three years on from our first show at Theatre Royal Wakefield as part of Long Division, we returned once more, with lots of new songs and some appearances from old friends. As with the previous time, it’s very odd to play on a stage so big. A life in tiny rehearsal spaces does not prepare you for playing without walls. No sound bouncing back, little fuzz and overlapping sounds. A big plus was being able to use the grand piano, and since so many of the new tunes were based around it, it was a pleasure, although it certainly added to the apprehension; walking onto a big stage and playing an instrument unfamiliar.

It was great to have Jamie and Emily join us on a few songs and really make the most of the space on the stage. We rounded the set off with a cover of Wendell Gee, as a thank you to Dean’s wife Jayne; a favourite of hers and also a song he’d recently been using to sing their young daughter to sleep on an evening.

A rare treat of a show where it feels the space matches the ambition of the songs, especially the more sparse and open sounds of the new record.


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