#4 – Dan Hayes

Type: Member

Dan is the drummer. He plays the drums.

Well… that is kind of true but Dan also does an awful lot more. Dan was first recruited to help with recording some very early demos at his Mind The Gap Studios. Once the ODAS project went live, he took his place behind the drumkit and he has been there pretty much every since.

As the years have gone by, Dan has come to be more and more of a co-writer in the band, especially during sessions in the studio. When he isn’t taking a nap, he will often contribute harmonies, alternate guitar lines, bass line ideas and allsorts. He is a vital multi-instrumentalist presence in the band’s studio life, but when it all happens live, he leads from the back, with his precise and creative time-keeping. If only he could remember any of the song titles.

Dan also performs as jamiesaysmile which shows of his melodic and multi-instrumental skills to the awesome max.


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