#81 – Adam Hayward

Type: Member

During drummer Dan Hayes’ “Lost Weekend”, which lasted a couple of years, the band looked at using drum machines and laptops to trigger it’s various backing sounds and beats. Perhaps the weirdest version of this lineup including Mr Adam Hayward on Kaos Pad.

Quite why or how this happened I fail to recall. Adam and I worked together on Rhubarb Bomb at the time and I recall spying his Kaos Pad at this house and thinking, I want that. But Adam wouldn’t let me have it so the next best thing was to get Adam in the band and watch him use it.

There were only a handful of gigs, but beyond that a much more fruitful relationship came about due to Adam’s excellent design skills. As CopyPasteRepeat Adam has so far designed the artwork for all our EPs and also our upcoming album, plus some nice poster work too and probably a heap of stuff I’ve forgotten. He even worked on a remix for us once too.

So, as ever, I am incredibly grateful to anyone that makes us look better than we are, and Adam excels at that. Check out CopyPasteRepeat here.


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