#225 – Harry Rhodes

Type: Member

Harry joined ODAS ahead of the band’s appearance at Long Division 2016. The show was to take place in the pretty huge Theatre Royal and the band needed to make a bigger noise. Plus, none of the tracks from In Skeletal had been properly aired, with the three piece setup obviously restricted in what it could do.

Originally joining as a one off, Harry then continued to play with ODAS. Harry was an ideal choice; his sonic skills with guitar and multi-instrumentation add layers to the songs that exist on record but could not otherwise live, yet he is a great improviser and writer and can easily add new things himself. Most impressive of all, he barely needs to band practice because he’s so bloody good anyway. He can just roll up, drop the sounds, and grab a pint. Is also a good man to have in your tour bus.

Harry also performs / writes with and as: St Gregory Orange, Piskie Sits, The Ainsley Band and Yard Wars, all of whom are great.


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