#175 – Jamie Lockhart

One Day, After School’s first recordings at Greenmount Studios stem way back to the first EP but for certainly those first two EPs it was very much, turn up, record and get it out. But through that experience, and talking with the guys, speaking to other bands and learning about the studio did I come to realise and appreciate what good producers can do.

With the In Skeletal EP I decided to invest a little more time into bringing the songs to life and work with Lee and Jamie at Greenmount to help that come to life. Being the controlling person I am that wasn’t neccessarily an easy thing but it wasn’t hard to see that their skills and knowledge were immense and it would benefit me hugely to involve them.

This relationship continued into the making of the album. It’s kind of weird to list Lee and Jamie seperately as they come as a fully formed package. Jamie has played drums on Footprints On The Ceiling and violin on Hammer And Anvil. He is always up trying different things and playing with different amps and sounds. The more ambient noises on tracks like Black Mesa, or keyboard and synth mess-arounds that ended up on So You’re A Mother Now or Becoming Dust stem from this experimentation. Why not just record a weird sample into a casio and make a tune out of it?

Like Lee, Jamie gets the production influences that ODAS is into and can make them come to life. It would be weird now to work in another studio where perhaps they didn’t know The Delgados records and that’s surely a massive point of picking the right producer for the job.

Without Jamie, no One Day, After School records (of any quality) !

Jamie performs as Mi Mye, you should check them out.


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